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Sailing School

Would you want to learn how to sail this summer? If you are 8 or older and able to swim 200 meters at the least you can participate in sailing-school in Värmdö. The courses are ambulated during 8 weeks and goes on for 5 days, for the price of 1700 swedish kronas. The courses take place at; Grisslinge, Djurö, Ingarö, Runmarö, Vindö and Saltarö. It is fully possible to learn how to sail during this period of time, according to sailing captain? Björn Appelgren, a true sailing-enthusiast. Do you want to know more? Contact the dhingy-school of Stockholm!

E-mail: [email protected]
Mobie #: +46 (0)70-423 33 39

The Dhingy-sailor association of Värmdö also organizes sailingcamps for children and teenagers. They are situated at Sjöliden close to Hemmesta.

Come sailing on a daytrip in the archipelago of Stockholm. The trips leave from the harbour of Gustavsberg. Contact Fredrik Westin, +46 (0)70-298 50 11,

Horsebackriding on Icelandic horses

At the Beatelund country estate you may go riding with a guide in the beautiful nature of the archipelago. The horses are lively, good-natured and safe.
Small groups of 4 -5 participants:
1,5 hours + coffee break 400 kr p.p or 2,5 hours + coffee break 500 kr p.p.
It is also possible to book private riding lessons:
1 hour 350 kr one pupil, 2 pupils 300 kr p.p.
Educated guides and instructors!
Book in advance by phone: +46 (0)8- 570 103 10, leave a message on the answering machine.

Skärmarö Gård.
Trekking tours and private riding school. Small groups or private lessons. Educated guides and instructors.
Book in advance with Pernilla +46 (0)70 788 68 58 It is very popular, so don’t wait to long to make your reservation!

The Siggesta stable organize riding for children in the summers, phone +46 (0)8 570 243 50,

Adventure miniature golf

At Siggesta country estate you will find a very exciting miniature golf course! A designed course with All around Värmdö as theme. A guaranteed success for all ages! Opening hours every day 11-21 all summer starting the 5:th of June.

New for this year is the Football golf course. You will find this too at Siggesta country estate.

Miniature golf

Other courses are to be found on Ingarö at the camping ground of Södersved and on Djurö by Vita Grindarna (close to the centre of Djurö).


Värmdö has various well-known golf courses in the beautiful nature of the archipelago. For more information about green fee prices and possible requirements regarding handicap etc. check respective websites/phone numbers. Don’t forget to book in good time!

Fågelbro Golf & Country Club
18 hole course + 9 hole short course, +46 (0)8-571 418 00,

Wermdö Golf & Country Club
18 hole wood and park course close to the water, +46 (0)8-574 607 10

Norråva Golfgård
18 hole court. Pay and Play, Everybody is welcome! No requirements for membership or green card, +46 (0)8-570 249 92

Ingarö Golfklubb
2x 18 hole wood and field court, +46 (0)8-546 50 200,

Nacka Golfklubb
18 hole court in the vicinity of Gustavsberg +46 (0)8-570 360 27,


The finest paddling water in Stockholm? Rent a kayak or go on guided excursions. Horisontkajak +46 (0)76-808 88 25,

“Kajakeriet” on Ingarö at Björnöreservatet rents kayaks and Canadian canoes. They also organise excursions, +46 (0)8-571 426 20 or 0708-65 08 06,

Aspvik Kajak, (4 km from Gustavsberg and reachable with bus 426) rent out kayaks. Instructions are included. Call Jeanette Dau +46(0)70 601 07 16

Hire a motorboat

”Picnickbåtar” at Stömma kanal rents motorboats. Rent safe and well-equipped motorboats per hour/half a day/the full day or by the week, +46 (0)8-571 414 98 eller +46 (0)702-42 63 47,

RTC båtkontakten situated at Bullandö Marina also rents motorboats, but only by the week, +46 (0)8-571 452 30,

Indoor swimming

In Gustavsberg you will find a brand new indoor bath house with all facilities including adventure area, relax area, café and gym. Open every day except during summer period 23.6-3.8 when it is open Monday-Friday 9 a.m.– 4 p.m.


Värmdö offers various open-air activities areas, jogging tracks and hiking trails. Folders available in the house map or at the tourist information office in Gustavberg. Some are presented below:

In the beautiful Björnö nature reservation by Ingaröfjärden on the southern tip of Ingarö there are fine marked areas for walking.

Take a stroll around Farstalandet and experience a part of the history and beautiful nature of Värmdö. In total the distance is 16 km, but it can easily be divided into shorter stages. Brochures are available at the tourist information office in Gustavsberg.

Gottholmsrundan and Tjustviksrundan are two pleasant walks in Farstalandet, 2,4 km or 5 km long. The starting spot is below the tourist information office in Gustavsbergs harbour.

Ösbyrundan is a culture and nature track 4,5 km around the Ösby marsh. Brochures are available at the tourist information office.

Stavsnäs offers a 5,6 km long nature and culture trek in lovely village surroundings. For children there is also a fairytale walk starting in Stavsnäs village.

Värmdöleden extends 25 km from Strömmen in Ormingelandet to Saltarö in Värmdölandet. Maps are available in the tourist information office.


Cykle or walk through Farstalandet and experience a part of the history and beautiful nature of Värmdö. In total the distance is 16 km, but it can easily be divided into shorter stages. Start at Gustavsberg harbour and here you can also rent a bike at Tornhuset. Price 40 SEK /half a day. Brochures are available at the tourist information office in Gustavsberg harbour.
It is also possible to rent a bike on several islands:

Bjurmans i Ramsmora, +46 (0)8-571 648 74
The Guest house in Långvik, +46 (0)8-571 641 07
Möjagrillen, Berg, +46 (0)8-571 641 85

Guns Livs, Solvik +46 (0)8-571 560 17

Runmarö Pub and divingcentre, Styrsvik +46 (0)8-571 528 70

Svartsö village shop, Ahlsviks brygga +46 (0)8 542 473 25


Fishing with fishing implements (angling, spinner, fly, and jig with 10 hooks at the most) is in the archipelago of Stockholm free of charge, with the exception of trolling etc, witch requires a fishing license.

Put-and-take-fisken: vem vill inte ha en hopplysten och kämpande regnbåge på kroken? I Mellansjön och Kvarnsjön vid Malma på Värmdö har man utplanterat fångstfärdig laxfisk dvs regnbåge och öring. Det är tillåtet att fiska med både fluga, spinn och mete i Mellansjön. I Kvarnsjön är endast flugfiske tillåtet. Båtar finns att hyra i Mellansjön och Kvarnsjön. Man hyr båtarna hos OKQ8 i Gustavsberg, tfn 08-570 313 00 där naturligtvis fiskekort till dessa sjöar finns.

Auctions, antique markets and flea markets

During the summer there is full activity with auctions and markets around in Värmdö. There are also many well-assorted and nice antique markets and second hand stores. Siggesta Gård arranges boot sales (flea markets) on Sundays. For more updated information about actions and markets we refer to the local newspaper which is given out for free at most food stores, malls and tourist information sites around Värmdö.

Rent a car

At Lindgrens bil, Hemmesta centrum you can rent a car per day or for a week. Prices from 150 kr/day and 1,6 kr/km. Car safety seats for children are available. Ph +46 (0) 8-574 609 90

You can also rent a car at petrol station in Gustavsberg at OK/Q8 Gustavsberg,
phone +46 (0)8-570 313 00

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