Stuguthyrning i Stockholms skärgård Ferienhäusern in Stockholmer Schären in Schweden

Places to visit

Siggesta gård

This remodeled farm is a popular place to go for the whole family. The old farmhouse has been transformed into a picturesque restaurant with a nearby café and boutique. Today, the old barn is a place to come and enjoy theater or to dance to different bands. Sometimes you can even come and bid at auctions hosted by Siggesta. You can also play put-put golf or go horseback riding at Siggesta. At the end of the summer, you can also pick the locally grown corn. Please visit for more information.


The famous Gustavsberg porcelain factory has been in the Gustavsberg harbor for almost a century. Here you can stroll down old streets and feel the wings of history all very close to the modern shopping center.In Gustavsberg you can also visit the porcelain museum, factory outlets, gift stores, design stores and restaurants. Please visit for more information.

Bullandö marina

This is the biggest marina in northern Europe with room for 1,300 sailing and motor boats. Maritime life can be experienced in many different ways. One way is to walk along the docks and witness all the commotion or to have a nice ocean view meal at the marina's restaurant.

Stavsnäs by

In Stavsnäs you can walk around the historical homes and enjoy the fresh air from the ocean. Great homemade pastries can be found at the local bakery. If you would like to know more about the archipelago from a historic perspective, please visit the museum Phone: +46 8 571 502 14.

Strömma kanal

A wonderful place to watch boaters and have a delicious bite to eat and drink. The restaurant in Strömma is situated right on the canal and some people choose just to go here for a beer and bring their fishing rod to catch some fish before dinner.


The Monte Carlo of the Stockholm archipelago – lots of happenings and wonderful beaches. Many of the buildings from the beginning of last century still exist and walking down the narrow roads is like taking a stroll through history. It takes one hour by boat to reach Sandhamn from Stavsnäs.


Möja is one of the most popular islands in the archipelago. Not much has changed in this old fishing village throughout the years. Many small picturesque villages create a unique atmosphere. In Berg, you can visit the homestead museum, buy local arts and crafts or climb the "Vårdkasberget", which offers a fantastic view. It takes an hour to reach the island by boat from Sollenkroka.


It only takes 10 minutes to reach Runmarö by boat from Stavsnäs. At Runmarö you can rent bikes, kayaks or just go for a beautiful walk. Here you can buy locally grown produce or take a break at the coffee house and enjoy homemade pastries.


Located in the middle of the archipelago with nice places to walk, a local store, a coffee place, guest harbor and a restaurant.


Much of how life used to look like before modern times is still very well preserved at Gällnö. There is a local store and beautiful cultural landscapes.


This is one of the biggest islands in the middle of the archipelago. It offers historical buildings, forests, farming, a museum and a hill with a view.


Historical buildings, farming industry and beautiful places to walk.

Storängsudd nature reserve

This beautiful nature reserve is located in Baggensfjärden and is famous for its unique fauna.


At the far end of Ingarö, by Nämndöfjärden, you will find this nature reserve filled with natural beauty, sandy beaches, places to go fishing and hiking.