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The harbour of Yxlan


Furusund, island in the fairway to the Baltic Sea, has for centuries been an important meeting place and port where sailors sought protection from wind and weather. In the 1800s, were bathhouse and clubhouse built. Regular steamboat service from Stockholm opened, hotels and villas for rent were built. Summer Guests came with white robes, wide hats and umbrellas. In the parlors music and theater was played, and in the Hammerska barn the audience could enjoy performances. Bathhouses offered lovely baths and the day's news were discussed.

Furusund has had a peculiar ability to attract interesting people, August Strindberg, which has its own road named after him, Astrid Lindgren had a summerhouse here, the great smuggler Little John, Evert Taube, Karl von Schewen eg. To this day, Åland Gulf of Furusund is the obvious harbor for sailors. One summer day, the bay is full of sails and boats at the docks and buoys.

Furusunds värdshus, restaurant & hotel

In Furusund and on the islands Yxlan and Blidö many different events takes place. Here you will find galleries potteries, flea markets, nice restaurants and cafes. On Blidö they have their own cinema.

The island Yxlan is long and narrow and on the northern tip lies the idyllic village of Köpmanholm. It is known for being the pilotage, customs and telegraph community.

Blidö is a very popular destination because you practically can not get any further out into the archipelago by car or bus.

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