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Norrtälje city Stockhom archipelago
The small river of Norrtälje

Roslagen with Norrtälje, Rådmansö and Vätö

With the 13,000 islands in the Roslagen Archipelago is this place perfect for those who have or want to rent a boat. There are also many attractions around Roslagen: museums, churches, castles, galleries, craft shops and farm shops.

Norrtälje Tourist center assist with information of all kinds. Little Brogatan 3, 0176-71990. For more information, please have a look here:

Norrtälje, the "capital" of Roslagen, is 8 mil north of Stockholm. For information on buses contact, Phone no: +46-8-600 10 00.



Norrtälje Roslagen Stockholm archipelago
The main street in Norrtälje

Norrtälje is an idyllic small town with authentic buildings and medieval street network. Here attracts shops, taverns and cafes, art, events and museums - all year round! The area around Norrtälje offers both the archipelago and industrial communities where you can still experience Manor life and genuine Roslagen landscape. 1622 founded the king Gustavus Adolphus Norrtälje. Much of the city was burned by the Russians in 1719, the city center has been preserved with its cozy wooden houses and cobblestone streets. In the 1730s the Wallinska farms at the Little Square and the Town Hall on the main square were built. In 1296 is Tälje village mentioned for the first time in a writing. To distinguish the town from Södertälje, the town was renamed to North Tälje 1409th.

Today Norrtälje both a town and an entire municipality. There are many small nice places to visit both in the mainland and in the archipelago. There are many wonderful industrial environments. There are also about 25,000 holiday homes here, which proves that it is popular to stay in this beautiful municipality.

Attractions are among others Societetsparken, Granparken, Kärleksudden. Södra Bergen city's most beautiful vantage point and Bergstugan you can eat and drink coffee. The engine plant Pythagoras is one of the most remarkable industrial monuments. It seems that the shop workers just put down their tools and walked home, you feel the smell of iron and oil factory, where the wheels turn at the viewings.

Stora Torget and Tullportsgatan is the centerpiece of the town with the Town Hall and many charming shops, restaurants and cafés. The river runs through the center of the city and int the river there are art exhibitions summertime. In the harbor you will find the steamer Norrtälje where you can have a lovely summer lunch. In Norrtälje are also all kinds of services one may need.



Rådmansö stockholm archipelago
A nice café in Gräddö village

The large peninsula Rådmansö is located 10 km east of Norrtälje. North of Rådmansö Norrtäljeviken goes deeply into the city Nortälje. Rådmansö has many idyllic villages and beautiful island views. At the far end is also Kapellskär harbor with boat traffic to Åland and Finland. From here you can go day trips to Åland.

The old fishing village Räfsnäs has a port with regular smaller boats operating to the islands in the area. On the islandsTjockö, Fejan, Lido on Gräddö you find nice seasonal restaurants.

Riddersholms Nature Reserve is well worth a visit. Lovely experiences at the nature cabins are waiting, here are hostels, camping, marina. Kayak rentals on Gräddö and flea markets and craft shows in many corners of Rådmansö.



Vätö i Roslagen Stockholm archipelago
There are plenty of runic stones

Vätö Island is a typical example of the beautiful nature in Roslagen, the archipelago area North-East of Stockholm.

This area is considered to be of great historical value, with many old buildings. Crofts (small old cottages) and farms dating back to the 19:th century are nicely situated in a landscape full of fields, pastures and woodland. Many of the older habitations were built to accommodate the labor of the Vätö Quarry. This is no longer in working order, but the site is still intact and well worth a visit.

The northern part of the island has got a different character, with summer cottages rather than year-round population. In the middle of the island you'll find the central village Harg. Here you can take buses to Norrtälje and also shop groceries in the convenience store (open daily).